brutal day at Mission

Today was a brutal day at Mission.

Our church has had to make some significant cutbacks over the past couple months after our offerings have been LOW. Our people have a lot to learn about stewardship (most people do). Today the cutbacks hit hard, and we had to lay off a handful of people, and decrease some salaries/hours too.

It hurts a ton because the layoffs had nothing to do with performance or personality. We had to cut my College Pastor’s position, and he had to tell his students tonight. He handled it like a champ, both personally and in front of everyone, but it was still so hard.

I’m still wrestling through it all, and asking God what he’s doing in the midst of this whole thing. I trust my leadership and I believe in my church, but today was BRUTAL.

I hope that my church puts their money where their mouth is.

Our students won’t be riding in the sidecart either. I want to see them step up and lead the church in this area.

Is your church hurting this year?

7 thoughts on “brutal day at Mission”

  1. I’m so sorry bro. This whole year just sucks. I’m highly anticipating the ’10.

    Praying for you guys…

  2. Ryan it has been a tough few years for us and this year is the same. We have no loan for our building and no budgets. I think this struggle is across the board and I am sad at how we as society got to this point and pray constantly that people will see how to get out of it and become healthy with their $. Keep running the race!

  3. Sorry, brother. Our church is seeing the day you just described around the corner… praying for you and your church, and that The Church would open its eyes to the importance of stewardship.

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