fraud, bottles and vandals

This week:

Lindsay and I found out that someone had stolen our debit card number and purchased porn subscriptions online using our money. It sucks to be the victim of a crime, ESPECIALLY when the perp is a perv. It breaks my heart to know that someone out there is desperate enough for porn that they would steal a pastor’s credit card. I believe in Jesus, even when the world seems beyond repair.

The next day: Lindsay was driving through a construction zone in Chandler when some chump in a lifted SUV threw a glass bottle at her while driving. He (or one of his chump passengers) threw the bottle, and then they followed my wife into a parking lot to verbally assault her and her passengers. She had her mom, sister, and a baby in the car. This chump cut Lindsay off in the parking lot and shouted some words at her that no woman should ever hear, especially MY WIFE. She called me crying just a minute after it all went down, and I’m glad I didn’t get there in time to see this teenager and his truck full of buddies. In case you’re wondering, it was a lifted Tahoe with flames on the side, and his license plate was AEP 9075.  I believe in Jesus, even when the world seems beyond repair.

Tonight my friend Josh Barton picked up his car that he had left overnight at our church… someone had carved some pretty vulgar stuff into his hood, dumped water in his car, and broke a mirror off. It looks like it was random, since he left it overnight, but it’s still a bit too much. I believe in Jesus, even when the world seems beyond repair.

I believe that God will redeem all of this junk.

Revenge only keeps evil in circulation.

But I’m a work in progress, and I’ll admit that I wanted to physically hurt that kid who threw a bottle at my wife.

4 thoughts on “fraud, bottles and vandals”

  1. Praise the Lord!! Because you guys must be doing something right to make satan lash out that much, right!?
    You guys are awesome and I want you to know how much I appreciate knowing and seeing what you bring to the Kingdom! I love you guys and we’ve got your back anytime!!
    We’re praying for you, Matt

  2. Hey, if you decide to give in to your flesh, I will gladly help you take revenge on the kid that threw a bottle at your wife.

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