Fall Break Shmall Break

I’ve never really understood why youth ministries take a break during school breaks. If there was ever a time to be available, wouldn’t it be when your students are 100% available?

Summer, Fall and Spring Breaks are prime time in youth ministry. I planned SO MANY hangouts and events last summer, and the students seemed to LOVE IT! Seriously, we could open the door and turn on a light and our students would come.

This week is the Fall Break for most of our students. Sunday night we did Laser Tag, tonight we’re doing Broom Hockey, and on Saturday we’re painting four houses in the neighborhood we serve. Then we meet on Sunday!

I’ll be exhausted on Monday, but it will have been SO WORTH IT.

Not sure when I’m gonna write my sermon though, haha!

I’d rather live out a sermon than write one anyways.

Being a youth pastor is much less about being cool or creative… it’s about being available.

I love my job.

3 thoughts on “Fall Break Shmall Break”

  1. Ryan,
    You are wise beyond your years and have hit the nail totally on the head. In a day and age where a lot of families have both parents working to make ends meet, I can only envision kids sitting at home doing nothing or worse things they shouldn’t be doing. The events, meetings, etc. that you, Josh and the church have put together are awesome and you deserve some accolades for seeing it through. Thanks again from myself, Roni and Ty, we are thrilled to have you leading our son and the other high schoolers.

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