In my prime

I think I’m in my prime. I’m 30 years old.

I might be wrong… maybe it will be when I’m 40. I’ll be wiser, calmer, and 10 years deeper in my spiritual, social, and emotional journey.

I’ve got nearly unlimited energy and I’m still as idealistic as they come. I’m still pretty sure that I can save the world. You scoff.

I’m on staff at an amazing church.

I’m not waiting for anything to happen.

I’m there. I feel invincible.

But I’m still…so…desperately in need of Jesus. It would be easier if I wasn’t.

4 thoughts on “In my prime”

  1. I clicked your links from your comment on TechCrunch out of curiosity. I’m not sure what made me curious, but after reading this, I can only deduce that it was divine intervention. God certainly does work in mysterious ways.
    God bless

    A struggling Christian

  2. I know how you feel. I thought I was in my prime in 6th grade when I became the first drummer to win the Best Soloist award at the Richborough Jr. High Jazz Festival. And I think I am in my prime now at 27. I’ll think I will be in my prime when I teach my son to hit a baseball. And when I walk my daughter down the isle one day. And when I bounce my grandkids on my knees. You’ll probably look back at how silly you were at 30, when you’re in your prime at 70. And when you’re 70, we’ll have to go to Denny’s for the seniors’ discount.

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