weekend recap

It was a great weekend at Mission Church! I got some great feedback after my message (but that’s usually the only kind you get).

Our lead pastor Mark sat me down for a few minutes after my first sermon and offered me this advice:

“Work on the first 3 minutes and the last 3 minutes… the rest is great.”

Then after my second sermon he sat me down for about 20 minutes.

The next day my sermon was about 40% different than it was the day before. I had scrapped my opening illustration and replaced it with a personal story (that I now agree was a better fit). I had also bailed on a whole lot of the context of Luke 15, and spent more time encouraging people to take a step towards God, who was ready to come running off the porch in their direction at first sight of repentance.

I’ve gotta be honest— it was difficult for me to make the changes. I really loved what I had prepared. I had worked hard on it. But I REALLY respect the opinion of Mark. He’s a rock solid teacher, he knows our church body better than I do (of course he does), he has been teaching for a lot longer than I have, and its no mystery why God has him in the position he does.

I came home on Saturday night and made all sorts of changes, which was nerve racking to say the least! I was worried that I would show up on Sunday with nothing to say. But I just sat with the text, opened up my speaking notes, and was confident God would do whatever he wanted.

Teaching is brutal, especially in front of people who don’t know you very well. I LOVE teaching my students. They know me, they get me, they are my people! But I came home exhausted on Sunday… but encouraged because I know that I did my small part in sharing this amazing gospel.

It really is good news after all.

5 thoughts on “weekend recap”

  1. Ryan, you did an amazing job. I’m honored to be serving with you. Sunday morning you had me and everyone around me in tears. You showed us Jesus. Thanks my friend.

  2. I wished I coulda been there to hear you rock it so powerfully! You are a deeply gifted communicator of God’s Word, bro. Deeply! And what a privilege to sit under Mark and his wisdom in that area. Love ya!

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