Charity: water

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I’ve finally found a non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to people in developing nations AND tells the story well. There are plenty of great organizations out there, but it’s so difficult to actually get an answer when you ask, “So what exactly do you do?”. So few organizations can tell you where your money actually goes, or what they have done with it when it gets there. Charity: water does that, AND provides measurable goals that you can keep track of!

Charity: water funds a range of water solutions. These solutions include hand-dug wells, deep wells (boreholes), rehabilitations, spring protections, rainwater harvesting schemes, and biosand filters. In 2008, charity: water added projects in India, Bangladesh, and Honduras.

Check out their website… and consider giving me a birthday present this year!

I’m going to get our youth ministries on board with their “Water for Schools” program this Fall. It’s perfect for what we’re looking for.

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