permission to reinvent myself

My high school years were spent with a tight group of friends.

There were maybe 10 of us that loved to hang out just about every day.

We had known each other for years. We liked each other. We laughed a lot. Some of us would say that we’d even die for one another We were close.

But when I became a Christian I  became an outcast in that group.

Partly because I began to hate my hobbies and habits, which meant we had less in common.

But mostly because I was changing.

And change threatened our status quo.

We were who we were, and my new desires were polluting our identity.

So I had to go.

Because I wasn’t given permission to reinvent myself.

Community is crucial.

We must be surrounded by people who will be open to whatever God has planned for us.

We must be given permission by our community to become something new.

We must be allowed to change.

If your friends aren’t cool with you changing then THEY AREN’T FRIENDS. They are immature at best.

If you follow Jesus you will change. It just happens. He will reinvent you.

If you’re religious you’ll stay the same and keep all of your friends.But you’ll probably sin less for a while.

I love my church because I’m allowed to become whoever God wants me to be.

One thought on “permission to reinvent myself”

  1. It’s funny you wrote this just cause I told Jordan basically the same thing today at your house. I said I love being part of a church for once in my life who supports what I believe and lets me be myself and loves me just as I am and where I’m at in life. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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