summer camp

Heading to UCYC for our high school summer camp tomorrow. It’s a couple hours up the road in Prescott. There are 81 of us hopping on the buses tomorrow. That means I need to learn about 65 names!

I’m praying that God will do something remarkable this week. My life was transformed at a camp like this one. Everyone with me warned me that it was just a “camp high“. Must have been some serious chronic going around because I’m still pretty baked.

This is the first year I won’t be at Hume Lake for summer camp in a long time… seriously bummed about that. Maybe next year? Maybe Forest Home will drop their prices (at least as low as Hume’s prices, jeeze…) and we could land there. Maybe I’ll rent a camp and just hire my friends to come teach and sing.

I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome! I’ll be in the pool if you need me. Swing by our summer camp blog to see what we’re up to!

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