our new home

We just got the call and our offer was accepted on a house! We still need to get the inspection, but it looks like we’re about a month away from moving in! We got it for CHEAP too! It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house just a few miles away from our church. I’m stoked that it has a loft and a couple of pretty sweet Man Cave possibilities. It also has a pretty sweet Hawaiian room that Brian Wurzell discovered first, haha!

We’re stoked to have a home that we can use for ministry! We’re excited to open the doors up to friends, family, students, and anyone else who is looking to beat the heat!

You can send your donations for this ministry to “Mission Community Church, ATTN: Ryan Guard” ha!

Here are a few pictures from the online listing:


12 thoughts on “our new home”

  1. very awesome man. now we just gotta get your other house sold.

    on another note…in portland we have this stuff called grass. it is pretty rad.

  2. Awesome crib! As an avid indoorsman, I see a man cave in your future. I know just the place to get all those accessories and supplies too. From my little man cave store online. Let me hook you up with some great stuff, and if you don’t see it there, contact me and I will find it for you.

  3. haha Tyler! I’ve heard about your Oregon kids and your “grass”. The choice for me is drug free pal.

    Steve ya the neighborhood is pretty similar! Get your butt over there with those girls of yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Travis, you are more than welcome to our home! I know Bella would love to have her buddy around ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow! This place looks great! I will be there in August, where do I book my stay? haha

  6. Congrats you two! The place looks great. I’m sure God will use it to bless you and many people.

    Maybe some artificial turf is in your future?

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