Guacamole tastes like vomit


How can anyone like guacamole?

I just don’t get it. It tastes like vomit. The guy in the picture is a guacamole maker. Grab some chips.

Guacamole tastes like someone else’s vomit.

I can’t stand onions… but I get why people like them. Tomatoes are nasty to me, but I get it. I would rather eat a plate of broken glass than a plate of asparagus, but I can see why someone would like asparagus.

But I do not taste or see anything appetizing about guacamole.

“Oh, but you haven’t had _____’s guacamole. If you had _____’s guacamole then you’d change your mind.”

I had their guacamole and I hated it.

Are there any other normal people out there who can’t stand this stuff?

Are you a guacamole lover?

If it isn’t guacamole, what food triggers your gag reflex?

13 thoughts on “Guacamole tastes like vomit”

  1. i do have a laundry list… but a few items on the list would include

    things that still look/feel like an animal

    but not guacamole

  2. “So guys…for Ryan’s surprise homecoming party we need to change a few things as far as catering goes.

    All the chips and guac we can get. For cheap.

    Aspargus/Tomato salad.

    Desert? Onion rings.”

    “Cool man.”

  3. Watermelon??

    I’m with you on the onion thing…not the biggest fan of a white vegetable in my taco that crunches like an apple.

    But watermelon?

    I’ve had some pretty tasty guacamole in my time. Not sure about the gauc tasting like vomit thing….I’ve always thought of vomit tasting like a kerosene pie with a rubber crust, and burning hair and dead rabbits on top. But I haven’t thought about it too much.


  4. WTF? I just made guacamole this week for LG! I see a direct correlation! I’m offended, and I expect a 5 page apology due by sundown. If I do not receive it, I will start a blog that insults Lindsay’s Asian coleslaw. Don’t think I won’t!!

    (No offense, Linds. You compared my guac to Chipotle’s guac, and for that, I am very flattered.)

  5. Haha! Teresa no… there isn’t a direct correlation πŸ™‚

    Lindsay loves guacamole. I just asked her if she liked yours and she said “I liked it, I thought it was really good. And I’m a picky guacamole eater.”

    But, to me, “good guacamole” is like a good pneumonia booger.

    You watch your mouth about that coleslaw πŸ˜‰

  6. Yuck, you and your cottage cheese can just go have a party by yourselves πŸ™‚

    Also, I can’t eat yogurt without granola for the crunch. If I try to just eat it plain, I can barely swallow it with its texture…bleh!

    Speaking of Teresa’s guacamole….can I get that recipe???? πŸ™‚

  7. I’m thinking that there was a switch at the hospital!
    OK, I’ll give you the guacamole… I can take it or leave it . But, the Vegies!!?? Your father was a gardener. Your grandfather Guard was a professional organic gardener. They didn’t have a back yard, it was all garden! I guess it skips a generation πŸ˜‰

  8. haha! there was no switch (my nose is proof enough).

    I still remember VIVIDLY you forcing me to eat asparagus, and me gagging through the first (and only) bite. I haven’t had another bite in 25 years.

    My dad was an Olive Garden’er. We microwaved everything. I still do. He probably wanted to cook but he was dealing with me.

    I do like Funyuns though… those are kind of like onions.

  9. My mom makes me eat water chestnuts… My list is pretty long though

    Any Type Of Pepper

    I am my mom’s cooking guinea pig… XO

  10. honestly, I agree. I HATE the taste of SO MANY onions. I like tomatos, and cucumbers but I HATE onions. Glad to see the same thought I had when I ate one chip of guacamole.

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