car troubles

hondaSo we took my wife’s car into the shop because it sounded like… well, like a bicycle with baseball cards in the spokes. But only when you accelerated, and only for about 5 minutes. A small nuisance, but we figured we should probably get it fixed before we drive it to Arizona next week. We were also talking about getting the windows tinted, because you don’t drive around in AZ without tinted windows.

The car is a ’98 Civic with over 100k miles, so she’s getting old.

I didn’t realize how old she was getting.

Here’s the quote that the Honda dealer just emailed me… the car isn’t worth anywhere near what the repairs would cost!!!

noise heard while driving is cracked exhaust manifold / replace manifold & a pipe w/ shields $1226.18

cracks in drive belts (original) replace t-belt,water pump,drive belts & seals $713.89

wrong spark plugs are in the car – need replacement $98

oil pan gskt leaking oil needs replacement $278

voltage high at idle need valve adjustment & EFI $389.90

Rear brakes at replacement $219.95 shoes

What should we do??? We don’t have that kind of cash just laying around!

Take it out back and shoot it?

Trade it in?

Take it on a ride like Thelma and Louise?

What would you do???

12 thoughts on “car troubles”

  1. On my twitter message I failed to ask if you knew the mechanic. Sorry about that. I just talked to a coworker who owns a garage and is knowledgeable about cars. He told me to ask if you are familiar with the mechanic and if you told him you were moving back to Arizona. Sad to say that could factor in to the price. He recommended getting another quote from somewhere else regardless if you go to his garage or not.

    Another coworker who is a Christian knows of a good mechanic right in Tustin. Let me know either on here or Twitter if you would like the info for either place. Good luck.

  2. ryan… forget dealers! take to your local ASE certified mechanic… look one up on this site:

    good luck man… we’ve been using ASE techs and they always (as far as we know) tell the truth and have honest prices!

  3. Wow dude! I know how you feel. I just had to have 4 new tires and replaced my leaking water pump and broken radiator fan. Cost me almost $1000 on my ’89 Buick. You should go to my guy and see what he says. He’s a little cheaper than most places.

  4. Brent, touche’… I’m at least getting a highball price.

    Wayne, yeah I think we’re gonna take it elsewhere for a second opinion- probably where Anna said to go. Thanks Anna! That or we’ll try to trade it in… but then we’re gonna have a new car in California a week before we move to AZ.

    Travis… no. But the next time I need some work done on my teeth I’m headed to Mexico fo sho.

  5. Maybe I’ll just leave it unlocked with all the windows down whenever I get out and if someone just so happens to want it its all theirs! 😉

  6. buy a mercedes-benz, they don’t have these kinds of problems. just finance it. it’s good stewardship bro. lease it, finance it…whatever you gotta do. just make sure it has the AMG emblem on it too.

    good luck. 🙂

  7. Do you have full coverage insurance? Leave it in Tijuana. It’ll get stolen. Get the insurance check. Buy a motorcycle. The bike is an easy pitch to the wife. 50+ mpg, cheap insurance, safe, etc…

  8. Garbinski I have tried and tried with the MPG sales pitch, and I’ll never convince her that it is safer (even though it IS).

    I think we’re gonna tow it out to Arizona and trade it in (or burn it).

  9. Yeah. A wise man once told me, “If you want to have a motorcycle as a married man, be sure to own one when you get married.” He also said, “The greatest regret of my life was selling my bike to buy her a new dining room set.”

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