beating up kindergartners

A pastor name Jonathan Cliff posted a picture on Twitter of a bunch of first graders playing tug-a-war, and it got me thinking.

“I wonder how many first graders I could beat by myself?”

I meant in a game of tug-a-war, but Jonathan took it a step further in his follow-up question: How many five-year-olds could I take in a fight?

Three dozen according to this website. Sounds about right.

What about you?


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3 thoughts on “beating up kindergartners”

  1. Uh… 17. Can I use the excuse that I have kids of my own which makes it harder mentally?? Not to mention that quiz is slightly disturbing. I might as well face it… I’m getting old!

    By the way, were you at Calvary last night for the Middle School play? I thought I saw you and Lindsey sitting in the row in front of me, my wife and in-laws for a little while. Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Paul, I guarantee you could take on more than 38. They’d need to jump off the roof to even have a shot at your neck. And I understand the 90-yr-olds… didn’t you see Gran Torino?

    Wayne, was that you on Gran Torino? No, it wasn’t me at that play 🙂

    Thanks for swinging by fellas!!

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