Grace in my face

This past month has been brutal on my soul. I have just been carrying a huge burden. A big, fat, heavy burden… and it was all about having to announce our departure from Calvary. I knew it was the right thing to do, but it didn’t make it easier.

But today is a new day. I feel no weight. I’m a little nervous about the new role at the new church, but I’ve got peace about it all. I think it’s because I’ve been given so much grace.

Every single person at Calvary has been remarkably encouraging and positive throughout this whole process. Everyone.

I’ve heard so many horror stories about pastors transitioning to new churches (I was a part of one), that I couldn’t help but be a little bit worried about this one.

But this has been so good.

Grace in my face… thank you Calvary Church 🙂

6 thoughts on “Grace in my face”

  1. Lock it in man. You can’t be nervous. The fate of our students’ souls rests squarely on your shoulders. If you screw this up, there will be no mercy for you in eternity.

    No pressure though.

  2. I was nervous about Calvary’s response, not my new role… What do I have to be nervous about? You’re gonna be a volunteer in high school, right?

  3. I read your “about” page after clicking over from a comment on Mike Foster’s blog. After such a childhood background and the subsequent turn around, High School ministries seems to be the perfect fit.

    Sitting here in my living room thinking, I wanted to ask if you’ve encountered kids heading down the same road you used to follow, and whether or not your background helped you connect with them and change their life…

  4. Whoa, hey Donny. It’s crazy that you stumbled across my blog. I first heard about you from Craig Gross a few years back. My youth group did an impromptu fundraiser for you when you bounced out of the porn industry!

    Yeah, to answer your question, I definitely use my story as I talk with students. God has used all that garbage to open up a lot of relational doors with students (and adults) who would have otherwise written me off. You know exactly what I’m talking about!

  5. Oh man! THIS IS AWESOME! I knew a youth group had done a fundraiser but had no idea who it was!

    When I speak, I always talk about how I’d never saved any money while in the business because porn wasn’t going away and saving is something I’d do later, ’cause party time was just too fun. When I left the business I didn’t mind losing “stuff” but was concerned how I’d support my ex-wife and son. Checks started showing up in her mailbox from Christians.

    The fundraiser you did went straight to her and Caden. Thank you for that! That was a big part of a rewiring process that went on in my mind towards Christians.

  6. That’s what I heard! Well we were stoked to be a part of your story.

    I clicked over onto your blog. Love it man. I’ll have to bring you and Craig out when the dust settles in AZ.

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