looooong day

Wednesdays are always long day, but this one was looooooong!

I started off the day speaking in Calvary’s 4th-6th grade chapel. Told a couple stories that resulted in the school principal calling me 30 minutes later. I’m no longer allowed to talk about kids peeing on other kids, even if its a true story! It had been 12 years since my last conversation with a principal about something I had done wrong. Oh, the memories!

Then I spoke in the Kindergarten-3rd grade chapel. Those little guys sang their hearts out… they sing louder than any other age group in our church. It’s too bad it fades along the way for so many people. They were amazing listeners too! Praise God for giving me a completely new message to share with them 20 minutes before I hit the stage (since my previous message got vetoed).

Then I taught in my high school ministry. I thought I bombed it… but then I got all sorts of positive feedback. Why is it always that way? You think you brought it and people were sleeping… you think you bombed it and people are recommitting their recommitments.

And now my iPhone has died… even after I charged it. Dead. Nothing.

9 thoughts on “looooong day”

  1. Ryan-
    So funny to make your blog. I sure hope your experience talking to me today upgraded any feelings you have had about school principals. Thanks for being understanding and willing to listen. See, you got a nice little treat after that by listening to those glorious voices of the little peeps! They lift the soul. Don’t you wish you could bring them into the high school group one night for worship? It would send a great message to the big peeps.

    Your last comments touched my heart. I think it is those times when we think that we bombed that God works the most. Because, then WE can’t take the credit, only HE can. We are only the vessel, the content speaks for itself. I feel myself in that same position quite a bit. I know you don’t know me very well, but I can tell you that I would be a very unlikely candidate for my job. I do not fit the mold. But, historically, that is who God chooses for the job – unconventional people, so HE is the only one who can get the credit.
    Blessings to you friend,

  2. Vy, definitely! I think everyone’s Wednesdays feel a little bit longer. Thursday doesn’t exactly look like a downhill ride this week though. Maybe next week!

    Julie! I wondered if you’d see that Facebook update! You were great- I appreciated the feedback 🙂 And YES those little guys give the EDL crew a run for their money.

  3. I usually feel the same way about job interviews and technical tests for jobs. When I think I blew it, I get a call back or I do really well on the test. Funny how that works.

    By the way, are you going to Man Camp at the end of the month?

  4. No sir I won’t be at Man Camp. I signed up for a seminary class that meets on the weekend. I really enjoyed last year’s though!

  5. I’m still praying about it, but I’ll probably go. I love that area where it is being held. It reminds me of home, the east coast.

    Have a great week.

  6. I can see how your Wed might feel long. Speaking in front of all those people would make it feel long as well. If your teaching, there no such thing as “bomb”…it’s all good.

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