It took a few months of convincing, but Lindsay finally approved an iPhone purchase today! She’s the financially responsible one (see my student loan balance for proof).

Stoked to have everything I need in one device.

I’ve actually never really messed with one, so I’m learning about this thing as I go.

So I have no idea what apps to add.

So far I’ve got Twitterfon, Facebook, MySpace, Twitterific, Pandora, Zippo, Midomi, and Google.

What else do I need? Let me know what you’re using out there!

17 thoughts on “iPhone”

  1. HAHAHAHA Ryan, just kidding. I was teasing to get you back after Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, I don’t know if you’re into games or apps that aren’t exactly free…I’m in love with “Blocked” 100 levels for like $.99 or so (stimulates the mind!) and then there’s “Classics” which is $2.99 I think but it’s an unlimited amount of classic books to read on your iphone. Congrats on the purchase!

  2. -The bible is good because it has all the translations ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Memory Matrix is a cool memory game.
    -Cube runner is fun.
    -Remote is cool because if you have WiFi in your house and you use your laptop to listen to music, you can control your iTunes from your phone without getting up and going to your laptop.

    You can also bookmark a website and add a shortcut to your home screen. Most of my buttons are of those.

  3. How about another Twitter app. Oh and how about something for Twitter. And maybe an App that has to do with Tweets or something. Just a thought.

  4. – Live poker
    – wordpress
    – road trip
    – have 2P
    – Sportacular
    – Night stand
    – MPR Radio
    – Pandora
    – Loopt
    – Urban Spoon
    – AroundMe
    – Weather Bug
    – Solitaire (seriously it is addictive, i cannot stop playing)
    – MobileFiles (if you got/ get a mobile me account which is amazing by the way i could go on about it for hours)
    – iTV

    all those apps are free

  5. the free Skype app is a must.

    it will save you some serious coin on your calling plan. you can basically make unlimited calls when you are on WiFi for next to nothing and it doesn’t go against your AT&T minutes.

  6. 407 days 13 hours and 20 minutes roughly – until I can get my iPhone without penalty. Thanks for stirring up my iPhone envy once again…

  7. Shazam: the iphone will listen to a song and identify the song and connect you directly to the itunes store.

    mint: iphone app for mint.com. if you don’t have an account with it, check it out! lindsay would love this (what with her being financially sound and all).

    my love: it’s an icon that calls a designated number straight from the home screen. they have other variations too.

  8. Free RSS Reader
    Touch Type – sideways keyboard for email replies
    More Cowbell
    MLB.com – if you’re a baseball fan this is the best ever. Audio and Video highlights for every game.

  9. I have something called the CCEL Bible. It has the following books:

    ASV Bible
    Imitation of Christ – Thomas a Kempis
    KJV Bible
    Morning and Evening – Charles Haddon Spurgeon – Devotional
    Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence

    I also have the apps below:
    Holy Bible
    Flixster – Movie show times
    Fastlane Lite – racing game
    FS5 Hockey – air hockey game
    The Weather Channel
    USA Today
    Wi-Fi Finder
    Ebay Mobile
    Guitar Reference 2.4
    Labrynth LE
    Days Until

    I think all of them but one are free. I just can’t remember which one I bought. I have the iTouch by the way. I love it. My wife… not so much. Enjoy the new phone!

  10. here are my fav apps:

    beejive — best aim/im app
    aol radio
    check please– it’s a tip calculator
    coffee finder-find the nearest starbucks
    drinking lite- drinking games
    biggest brain
    the weather channel

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