7 thoughts on “too little too late”

  1. I was just trying to remain optimistic, but… you’re right. We’ve got some great players (maybe some not-so-great bigwigs in the offices).

  2. Three errors in this post:

    1. It was Jason Richardson who said that, not Jason Williams. One has basketball cred, one is a worship rockstar.

    2. The Dogers will pwn the Diamonbacks. (note intentional misspell)

    3. This was the Suns last shot at overcoming the San Antonio Sterns and getting to a finals, but now they are toast… there is no hope. That’s all.

  3. 1. You’re right. Jason Williams IS a rockstar. I was sleep-typing this post.

    2. Don Mattingly

    3. Tim Duncan is ancient (even older than ME). He’s still in the league, but when you get that old you just need to retire, cough *Shaq* cough.

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