FLASH FLASH gurgle gurgle

I was sitting shotgun in my friend Ben’s truck on our way to Lake Havasu in Arizona last weekend just before 1:00 am, when all the sudden there was a huge FLASH of light, then another FLASH! Ben was speeding and had been tagged by a photo radar van sitting on the side of the road. (California people may have no idea what I’m talking about).

Then, not 5 seconds later, the truck we’re driving gurgled before coming to a stop: completely out of gas.

We made 5 phone calls to AAA. In 4 of them we said that we needed DIESEL fuel. When the tow truck driver showed up, guess what he didn’t have

We finally arrived at our destination at 3:20am.

It was a long couple of hours in the pitch-black desert, but it was the jam-packed FLASH FLASH gurgle gurgle we’ll remember forever.

It wasn’t as bad as the time I got punched in the face repeatedly by a mini-van driving, Blink 182 fan.

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