You’ve heard of March Madness (my bracket was HORRIBLE), but check out my APRIL MADNESS!

I started seminary last night. Class meets every Tuesday night for 3 hours.

I have youth group every Wednesday night and Sunday morning.

Then I have my own LifeGroup on Thursdays every other week.

I’m at a Bachelor party in Lake Havasu tomorrow through Sunday.

Easter is Sunday the 12th. I actually have nothing to do… awesome!

Phil Wickham concert on the 16th. Dopeness.

Lindsay is in Ohio from the 19-29th. Sadness.

I’m here at home but attending Catalyst West Coast from the 22-24th.

On the 24th and 25th I begin a 4-week intensive Old Testament course at Fuller that goes from 6:30-9:30pm on Fridays and 8-5 on Saturdays.

I’m at Hume Lake with my youth ministry team for a little retreat from the 27-30th.

And then EVERY WEEKEND IN MAY I have something. Three classes, one wedding, and one Guys Retreat with my high school students.

Dear God, please give my wonderful, patient, lovely, hottie, princess wife a whole bunch more of that patience and love this month šŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “more like APRIL MADNESS”

  1. …. Oh, do you hear that?…. I think it’s the Waaaa-mbulance

    Looking forward to hanging with you at the Catalyst conference and the Hume trip… those’ll be good times.

  2. Victor… just because you work for 3 hours once a week doesn’t give you the right to criticize me.

    Jaydubbs… Victor has like 11 babies. I’d like to have A baby some time soon. Maybe we can have one of Victor’s. Do you think he’d notice if we took one? I look pretty Latino, so the kid would fit right in.

  3. I don’t even want to hear it. I’ll see your Sunday and Wednesdays, and life group meetings, every weekend in May booked, and raise you a business, soccer try outs, 3 kids, a house to do work on, and daily laundry, grocery shopping and cooking, AND dinner to cook on Easter, and a family to dress, which means shopping for 4, and more. Want me to list it?

    Hey, are you going to seminary? At Fuller? wow, you should mention that more often. I don’t think anyone knows.


  4. Linds you’re all the sympathy I need šŸ™‚

    Tyler that’s some poetry man… and you’re right. I’ll be burnt for a couple months.

  5. Should we be bragging / comparing our business? I get so wrapped up in mine, and actually wear it as some sadistic, self imposed badge of honor. Is this how we gauge our success or importance?

  6. i’m pretty sure DK’s not taking a shot at me. he’s a good buddy. but i’ll definitely act offended and post anonymous criticism on his blog šŸ™‚

  7. No definitely not taking a shot at ya. I was just trying to be a little honest and when my schedule get’s like that, I say something stupid like, “Look how much I’m doing, I must be really popular, or effective” or the worst one, “Im doing alot of stuff for God, so it’s okay”. When in reality my family, my friends, and mostly my walk suffer because I’ve allowed myself to become SO busy. And it honestly makes me feel good to tell people just how “busy” and “important” I am.

    I know that you’re not doing that Ryan, Im just saying I can relate, and stupidly, I brag about my businesss, when really it’s a shortcoming of mine.

  8. Ryan,
    I saw the retreat you are attending’s website with the theme “hey Rube” I am trying to put together a summer youth program, there is no current youth program where I have just moved and the theme fits so perfect into what this community needs. I know you are busy, I am to with 12 kids of my own and a town that is real close to……. if you could give me some ideas from the retreat, activity’s etc… i would be forever in your debt. My email is

  9. hey Teri,

    You wanted some ideas from the retreat? Do you mean that you’d like me to tell you what it was like after we attend?

    If so, maybe you could shoot me an email after we get back? I’d be happy to share about what we experienced then. So any time after July 26th.

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