one day left to live

What would you do if you only had one more day to live?

Would you zip up the wing suit and go for a fly? Would you spend it with your love? Would you jump in the freezer and hope for a miracle?

The question is a little bit morbid, but I think that your answer will say a lot about your priorities and values.

I guess I never thought about it… but this hit me today as I was preparing for my sermon: on his last day on the planet, Jesus washed people’s feet.

12 thoughts on “one day left to live”

  1. wow, i never thought about that…jesus washed peoples feet..when he new he only had one day to live…thank you for the cool blog posts

  2. I thought about it for a while… and i think i would do exactly what i do everyday.

    Because if i’m not living everyday like it was my last, then whats the point?

  3. I would agree that Jesus in fact washed people’s feet. We should indeed have the same mindset.

    But to leave it at that would not put the day in context. He served by washing people’s feet, He predicted his betrayal, He comforted his disciples by telling them that He was the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to Father but through Him only. He declared His oneness with God, He prayed for His followers, He explained the Holy Spirit, He talked of being the Vine and His followers being the branches and how we can do nothing without Him. He warned His disciples of persecution because of their belief in Him and talked of the coming Glory of His kingdom and then on that evening and the next day he was arressted, tried and murdered…all unjustly! (See John 13-19)

    That was a busy last day. Let us not check off our “good deeds” list and say we have preached the gospel. The Gospel is the proclamation of the Good News of Christ taking our place and living a life that reflects that change. Let’s not just stop at the good deeds, they are a result of the gospel and for the gospel.


  4. I like Travis’ answer! Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of running off to Mexico to live there 9 months longer than planned to serve people who are grateful just to BE alive 🙂 I certainly can tell you that I do not want to live my last day on Earth answering a telephone and distributing mail. Does that mean I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing?? Hmm…I’d honestly probably just want be with my family. Can I plan something we can all do together on my last day? Is that selfish? Oh man, this has gotten out of hand!

    I would skydive.

  5. If I had only one day to live I think I would confront all my fears and actually stand up to my father and tell him how I no longer hate him for ever hitting me and my mom. Took me a long time to get here but, I’m ready to forgive. That’s what I would do my last day.

  6. Honestly, through your twitter page. I hope you didn’t mind me commenting on your blog. If you did I won’t do it again.

  7. Sorry…I must have missed something. I wasn’t aware that I was arguing. If that was the way it was understood then I must have stated it unclearly.

    Maybe I missed the point of your post…help me out little.

  8. Dwayne, no no no you weren’t arguing. I meant to say that I was giving the “amen” but I really wanted to give some kickback on what you said (which would have been starting a “debate” we’ll call it).

    I typed too fast.

    My kickback would have said something about how the gospel is more than a message. And then we would have gone back and forth arguing the same thing that every other blog argues about- good deeds vs. saving souls.

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