how does that make you feeeel?

how does that make you feel

Last week we finished up a pretty heavy teaching series at our Wednesday night gathering… so last night we decided to pause. We reviewed the past few weeks of topics, and then asked the students a question or two: How does that make you feel? How does this all sit with you? If you had to pick a word or two that would describe your spiritual posture right now what would it be?

We covered the room in butcher paper, played three songs on the iPod, let them grab a marker and go. Here are a few of the things they said they were feeling:

loving, warm, happy, confident, guilty, irritated, fooled, tired, stressed, despondent, sexy, spastic, forlorn (wow), betrayed, confused, exuberant, victorious, refreshed, appreciative, hungover, dooped, detached, forgotten, overwhelmed, amazed, ashamed, alone, beastlike, unwanted, encouraged, whatever, damaged, blessed, boxed in, uneasy, guarded, happy and sad at the same time.


That’s just a handful of them… there were dozens more. All in one room. All hearing one message… but all receiving it from completely unique places.

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