Ed Young on Colbert

My mama always said that if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut. Actually, I don’t know if she ever said those words to me. It was more like, “If you would stop provoking your brothers they would probably stop beating you senseless when I’m not looking.”I don’t know how I feel about this video. It’s kinda funny. Colbert’s always funny. Ed’s doing some good things. But I’m kinda tired of churches doing sex talks. Even though they are needed. I’m just over it. I don’t have a better answer, I just know that sexier talks aren’t it. Even though they are needed. What a conundrum.

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15 thoughts on “Ed Young on Colbert”

  1. Hmmm… interesting. While I’m sure 7 days of sex helps with intimacy, if there’s other things going on in the marriage (with communication, selfishness, etc.), this is not going to be the fix. But always interesting to see what other pastors are saying in the public realms.

  2. I too am tired of the sex talks. I love what Fellowship does, but it seems like churches are using the sex talks as a means for marketing and a quick way to get the media’s attention.

  3. i am with you man. if giving talks on sex and asking our church members to have sex is what it takes to be relevant i think we need to rethink what it means to be relevant. it shouldn’t take a huge marketing blitz by a church to get people to have sex. sex ain’t gonna fix any marriage.

  4. SO, just to recap, sex talks are needed in churches, but if you talk about sex in church your using it as a marketing ploy to boost numbers and you need to rethynk what it means to be relevant (sex must be something that only a select few humans choose to participate in so it’s not relevant?). And what churches do you go to that talk about sex so much that you’re sick of it? Oh, and Ryan was a wimpy kid.

  5. Garbinski, you sassy beast…

    I don’t have an answer to my conundrum. I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about sexuality… I just picture nerdy pastors sitting in their offices envying the successes of Granger and Fellowship and doing a little copy/paste to inject some coolness into a very uncool environment. I guess I just like churches that meet in sheds and talk about Jewish weddings.

  6. I know what you mean. I think it probably is a gimmick to get cool or get more people coming when you go on tv to talk about it. But if your just preaching though song of solomon to teach your church how god designed the birds and bees to interact, that’s authentic. Plus, what is seven straight days of sex gonna accomplish? It would make it seem obligatory, and possibly detract from the intimacy of it. Granted I don’t know anything about dude’s “sexperiment” outside of that vid. But I don’t think sex should be something on the to-do-list… buy groceries, pick up the kids from school, clean the house, have sex with spouse, pay the bills…

  7. I guess the only way to know the effects is to give it a try, right? I’ll let you know how it goes.

  8. Garbinski, well said. I think it’s great if a church wants to go through loving your spouse well, and talks about the intimacy and beauty of the gift of sex. But to use it as “bait” to lure people in…

    Thant just kind of like going into the middle of the street and screaming “look at me, I’m relevant”!

    Guard, as far as the cut/paste goes… what’s wrong with my High School students getting Doug Fields message each week, just from a different voice? He’s good!

  9. lots of my kids hear Doug’s messages every week… on Saturday night they go to Saddleback, Sunday morning they come to us, and Sunday night they all go to Rock Harbor. Spiritual bulimia.

  10. i wasn’t calling the move a marketing ploy. i’m saying that this 7 days of sex was all over the place, as if it was going to accomplish something for God’s kingdom. I’m just not seeing it.

  11. Hello gents, I was invited to check this out by Grab-inski. I love Steven Colbert. I feel like it is difficult to understand the thinking behind a lot of things churches are doing when you are not on the inside and at those meetings. I find myself judging what my church leadership does at times and then I will receive an extra piece of information on the issue and totally change my mind about it. I do have to say I am grateful that the bigger churches are entering the sexual sphere of dialogue and, being large, attract the attention of the culture. In my opinion, it is good that someone Like Ed Young would end up on that show, he loves Jesus a whole lot more than all of the other guests on the show. I hear you guys in that we can’t put Band-Aids on major issues and the church can’t turn into a giant marketing campaign whose main slogan is “Hey world, see we’re not as lame as you thought, why not give us a try?”. These are difficult and slippery slopes on both sides.

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