welcome to my weirdness

Here’s a story for ya.

Two nights ago. 3 am. Sleeping. Lindsay wakes me up…

“Ryan… what are you doing??? What are you dreaming about???”

I sort of wake up, but I remain in a really cloudy dreamlike world. I don’t answer her, but I realize why she’s asking me what I’m doing.

I have my bedside lamp in my hand, holding it out at about a 45-degree angle with my arm fully extended. I had grabbed it in my dream and pulled it off the table, knocking everything on the table onto the ground. That’s what woke Lindsay up, but not me.

I realize in my dreaminess that this is weird, but I leave it out there in my hand, fully extended. Not sure why…

“RYAN, what are you doing?????”

My response, not sure why: “Stop asking me that… you’re tripping me out.”

Lindsay tells me that at that point I dropped the lamp on the ground and fell back asleep pretty quickly.

So my question is this- what the heck is wrong with me?

Was I going to hit Lindsay with the lamp? Was I dreaming about letting my light shine before men? Should I sleep in a straight jacket?

17 thoughts on “welcome to my weirdness”

  1. I can’t help you on the psyche stuff, but the story is hilarious.

    i can only imagine what your wife was thinking.

  2. Ryan, I don’t know what you’re trying to say. I wasn’t running through any bushes trying to kill my wife.

    And Josh, well, my wife still looks at me funny. I’m not sleeping on the couch though, so that’s nice.

  3. haha I’m sure this was kinda scary for lindsay at the time, but this is so funny. perhaps you were trying to protect her! or your home…..your pillow? i see lightsaber written all over this one.

  4. Jaydubbs, that’s the last time I tell you a secret.

    Andi, I’m pretty sure Amaris is right. I was probably trying to protect her (from the darkness?)

  5. Maybe you were dreaming of softball season starting again? You could have been on the plate, swinging at pitches. Why you automatically assume that there’s violence towards your wife in your actions, though, is what worries me. You know, we have this great counseling ministry here that could really help …

  6. In your dream, were you picking up the lamp as well? Or do you not remember what your dream was about?

    Before I got married I had a dream that my Fiance (now my wife) saw me in a store with another woman and shot me in the back when I tried to run. I took it as God confirming my strong belief in fidelity.

    Did you see Lord of the Rings lately? Star Wars? Maybe it was a renactment. Maybe you were handing off a football as the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals in the superbowl. That must be it.

  7. I have no idea what my dream was about. I wasn’t moving my arm at all, as far as we know, so it wasn’t an action movie re-enactment. Jaydubbs might be onto something…

  8. You were reaching toward the light, If Lindsay didn’t wake you up you very well may be dead right now.

  9. Doug- I have no idea what you’re talking about, but so far your scenario makes the most sense.

    (this is three nights later, so… I must be better now)

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