NFC Championship

Loving the anticipation before the big game tomorrow… and hating it at the same time!

I’m the only Cardinals fan in California (how are those Chargers doing?), so I’ll be lonely tomorrow (even though some people are coming over to watch the game). I like parenthetical statements (apparently).

I loved this quote from the Falcons’ head coach Mike Smith about facing the Cards in the Wild Card opener:

“I know we struggled with the crowd noise against the Cardinals defensive line. They beat us off the ball consistently, and we were shocked at the environment they had going in that stadium for our wild-card game. We played in both the Superdome and the Metrodome this season, and they’re known as two of the noisiest places in the NFL. But with that roof closed in Arizona, it wasn’t even close. They were rocking from the opening kickoff, and that noise could be a factor in this game as well.”

I’m pretty jealous of my AZ friends that are going to the game… but I’ll be making plenty of noise here in Tustin!

4 thoughts on “NFC Championship”

  1. Hey now, I am definitely a Cardinals fan and I predicted a Cardinals’ Super Bowl appearance the day Warner was named the starter. Kurt is the man!!!

  2. You would be glad to know that every Charger fan that I know, is now on the Cardinals bandwagon! We are all pulling for the Cards… if there is a team that we want to go all the way, now that the Chargers are out of it, it is the Cardinals!!


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