free fry refills?

Linds and I were at In-N-Out tonight on a fancy date, and I saw something that I need to get some clarification on…

A guy walked up to the counter with an empty french fry holder, asked the guy at the counter for a refill, and the guy quickly said “Of course“, turned around, held the fry thing up to the fry girl behind him who scooped a HUGE fry scoop into this guy’s fry holder.

Nobody blinked an eye. The two guys didn’t know each other (one was a teenage kid and the other was an old guy). It was all so normal to both of them.


Does In-N-Out hook up free french fry refills?

Is that way too much french fry for one man?

Does everyone know this but me???

OK wait… it gets even more ridiculous.

The guy THEN asks for “some of that chocolate milk“. In-N-Out doesn’t have chocolate milk bro. But the kid gives him a water cup filled with CHOCOLATE SHAKE! He didn’t even tell the guy that they don’t have chocolate milk. He just gave the dude some shake. WHAT THE HECK???

Not a shady looking kid, in a very crowded restaurant, with employees everywhere.

Am I missing something? Is this normal?

10 thoughts on “free fry refills?”

  1. French fry refills? Chocolate shake? Sounds fishy to me! We don’t have In-N-Out where I live so I’ll be watching to see what kind of comments you get.

  2. I didn’t know they gave fry refills, and I’ve been practically living off of In-n-Out french fries for 19 years now. I feel so left out…

  3. well hang on there Willie… I haven’t verified if this is a company policy, or if the worker at this particular In-N-Out was an angel from heaven.

    Stay tuned

  4. I wonder if this is the same In ‘n Out where Pastor Dave witnessed similar “fishy” business with the spilled shake. Can’t wait to hear what you find out “officially”

  5. well here’s what my friend Sean said on my Facebook page:

    “No, I still work there and that is not true at all. If someone comes back and complains that the fries are cold or something along those lines, it is policy to give them new ones with the same fry boat. The only time they give out shakes in water cups is when there is someone who wants their shake in two different cups. Sounds like a shady deal to me…”

    guess that settles it… gotta admit I’m pretty bummed.

  6. Next time, impress your girlfriend with knowledge of In-N-Out’s “secret” menu. For real man, the dividends you’ll reap will be unheralded.

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