stolen teachings


A few months ago I blogged about whether or not it was ok for pastors to teach using someone else’s sermons. I didn’t have much to say on the topic (and neither did you guys), but my friend Steve Carter did. Steve is joining the Rock Harbor team this month as one of their teaching pastors.

If you’re a pastor, or are interested in the topic, you should check out some of the things Steve and his blog readers have had to say by clicking HERE. This is just one of the five entries so far, so click around and check it out.

One thought on “stolen teachings”

  1. I think it is an interesting topic and I agree with Eric on your previous post. If you rip off the entire thing it is inauthentic. I remember hearing someone ask John MacArthur for his notes after one sermon and he gave it to them and said, use what you want, I got it from Paul and he got it from God so it isn’t really my ideas anyway.

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