free lunch

I’ll buy lunch for the first one of my interns who leaves a comment on this post.

And you’ll officially be my favorite.

Because the other two obviously don’t care about me as much as you.

Because if they did they would have seen this post first.

Name it and claim it!

(I’m guessing it’ll be Matt)

11 thoughts on “free lunch”

  1. Your momma’s hungry too and it’s obvious your interns aren’t even up yet! Ya know, you can’t buy love my son…:)

  2. Toby, if you pay for the plane ticket I’ll buy lunch anywhere you want buddy.

    Paul, not this time amigo. Stay tuned!

    Mama, I’m not buying love I’m buying respect. Or something.

    Doug, you aren’t MY intern, you are Brent’s intern (but all of that can change if you’re interested haha)

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