My lovely wife Lindsay and I have only been living in Tustin, California for about six months now. We moved here from Arizona, where I had been living my whole life, and where Lindsay had been living for six years. We moved here because we immediately liked the Calvary team, and we felt like we could plug right into the mission/vision of the church.

I’m sitting here tonight with some alone time. Lindsay went to Disneyland with a friend for a cheer-up session on what was a pretty rough day for her… and it has given me some time to do some thinking. I hit mute on the TV, played some music, did some reading, and sat down to say this:

I love our California friends so much.

You’ve won us over so quickly. You have huge shoes to fill but it looks like you’ve got pretty big feet.

3 thoughts on “friends”

  1. Just read your testimony and I would love to share it on Testimony Tuesday over on my blog. Let me know if that would be ok.
    Awesome story!!
    Thanks in advance!!!

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