Accepted to Fuller Seminary

Got this email today:


I’ll be working towards my MA in Youth, Family and Culture. I’ll be taking classes at Fuller’s Irvine extension class, as well as heading to Pasadena for a handful of classes that aren’t offered there. There should be a couple of online classes I can take too.

I’m surrounded by Talbot/Biola grads at Calvary Church, and I almost joined the club. They had a few different programs that I was very interested in, but none that got me as excited as the one I’m aiming for at Fuller.

11 thoughts on “Accepted to Fuller Seminary”

  1. That’s awesome man. I am a Fuller student right now too.

    You should see if you can get the cert. in youth ministry too. The advantage is that you get 6 classes 40% off, and they all go towards your MA.

    Anyways, enjoy!

    I love it.

  2. Congratulations Ryan! How come I had to read your blog to hear about this?! That’s awesome. By the way, loved the video on EDLstudents, especially at the end when you comment on your nose haha.

    Come home soon!

  3. Good job. It (only) took you eleven years to complete your undergrad, so you should be able to bang out a masters in a quick five or six. And forget 6 classes at 40% off; you and your silver tongue should easily be able to convince your church to foot the bill.

  4. I was JUST THIS MOMENT about to respond to a post you made over at the Asolas blog… weird.

    It took me NINE years to graduate from ASU (during which time I was able to secure a job as a supervisor at the top-rated hotel in AZ, quit, become a Christian, become a pastor, and re-form a SPINE which resulted in me arriving at aforementioned seminary.

    But… I couldn’t get Calvary to foot the bill even if I was spitting nickels with this silver tongue.

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