The little lady and I are heading to Ohio tomorrow to spend two weeks with the family. I love it out there, especially when its cold. I’ve got a stack of books and my favorite Panera in the world calling my name. I’ll be prepping for a winter camp I’m speaking at a couple days after we get back, which takes away a little of the enjoying this studying-for-my-sake-alone vibe, but that’s ok. The theme for the camp is attached to John 10:10, which is pretty easy to get excited about. Ron Merrell is the one who asked me to speak at the camp, which is funny because he’s the best camp speaker on the planet and he could have done it. It’s sort of like Hulk Hogan tapping out of a match so that Steve Urkel can jump in. I love people who see the best in me.

3 thoughts on “oHIo”

  1. Have a great trip and a very Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Guard. I pray God will continue to bless you both, bless your marriage and bless your work you are doing for His Kingdom in the new year.


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