Barack vs. Shaq

The worst player in the NBA, whoever that may be, will be paid at least $427,163 this year. That’s the league minimum for salaries. So, anyone who wears a uniform and travels with the team has to make at least that much. That boils down to $5,209.30 per game.

Barack Obama will make $400,000 this year as the President of the United States.

Fair? Unfair?

I say fair. Why?

Because the NBA players will draw hundreds of thousands of fans to games this year, creating millions of dollars in revenue through ticket/merchandise/sponsors/etc… and they deserve to receive what they make possible.

My lovely wife Lindsay says they shouldn’t make that much, but I disagree. They only make that much money because we, their fans, buy their product.

4 thoughts on “Barack vs. Shaq”

  1. Mr. Guard, although the topic is one to think about, should we pay those who help put more money into the economy more than we pay the men to run the country, I think the more important topic is to accurately refer to the object for which we desire to discuss. 🙂

    But maybe Barack disagrees with me; he does on political issues!

  2. Sorry for making you feel dumb, I was merely attempting to wittingly tell you that you spelled “Barack” incorrectly. You spelled it “Barak.” At any rate, like I said before, your topic is definitely an interesting thought; something I too think about.

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