200 sandwiches


Tomorrow morning we’ve got a whole bunch of high school students waking up early to meet us at the church to make 200 sandwiches.

We’re heading out to an area in Santa Ana where we know that there are dozens of homeless people, and we’re going to hand out a whole bunch of lunches. We’re going to encourage our students and leaders to just spend time with the people they meet. I want them to learn their stories. They may even get a chance to share their own stories, who knows… but I think it’s just important that we are available.

We have a lot of partnerships with local organizations that meet all sorts of needs and have all sorts of programs and assistance for the homeless in our community. We might tell them about those organizations if the opportunity arises.

But our mission for tomorrow is sandwiches. Because people are hungry, and we have a solution to their hunger. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some chips, a bottle of water, and some gift certificates for more sandwiches at local restaurants.

Sandwiches aren’t going to solve the bigger problem of homelessness.

But they’re something.

And something is better than nothing!

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