7 thoughts on “my team knows how to party!”

  1. First off…your pastor Dave looks like he’s trying to bring back Danny DeVito’s rendition of The Penguin from Batman Returns with those “rappin” hands.

    Secondly, I disagree with you….the BEST part hands down is you dancing in the background!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. haha!

    p-diddy (his nickname here at Calvary) can throw some blows!! he’s such a chill guy all the time, until you turn on a video camera. he floats like a butterfly!

    and my dancing is not the best part. if i knew how to edit video it would be gone.

  3. Ryan, it is clear in this video that you are not being used to your maximum ability out there at Calvary. You should have had a MUCH more prominent role in this video. Instead, you were basically demoted to a role equivalent to that of an extra in High School Musical.

    As your friend, I am upset by this. You should come back to AZ immediately and work at my church.

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