bookmark party!

I need to share some of my bookmarks, because they make my life complete. Ok, they’re not that good, but they’re definitely worth taking a gander at. I have a bunch over on the right side of this page… check those out too. These guys just don’t fit into those categories. Here they are, as random as can be:

Digg– I get my news on the daily from this website.

Whiskey Militia– sweet deals on clothes, snowboards, watches, computers, you name it!

Steep and Cheap– ditto

Woot– ditto again, once a day

Flickr search– click on the “Creative Commons” tab and you get some sweet pics

Catalyst– all things leadership

One Million Can– the Passion crew causing some damage

Pandora– free music, customized to your liking

Q talks– great talks about the future, the church, culture… all video

Neue Ministry– all sorts of good blogs

Conversant Life– ditto

Hulu– you’re welcome

Junky Car Club– just because

that’s enough for now. enjoy 🙂

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