If you look at me I look skinny. But as I sit at my computer right now, I can feel my belly trying to roll over my belt. I say trying, but the truth is that my belly button is well beyond my belt.

I’m what I call skinnyfat. I’m not “skinny”, but I’m also not “fat”. I’m skinnyfat. I look skinny, but I’m actually kinda fat.

I’m not really insecure about this at all… that’s the beauty of being me; I just don’t care 🙂

But I am kind of frustrated… because I don’t want to be unhealthy. I want to be the best me I can be.

We just typed all of my info into some online fat-detector… It asked for my height, weight, age, body type, and a bunch of other stuff. We clicked SUBMIT and then the first word on the screen was


7 thoughts on “overweight??”

  1. who is “we”?? it said you we’re overweight? geez…maybe we should not fix our tv, cancel our cable, and only watch when we go workout!

  2. Hey I feel ya man. I had that happen to me about 6 months ago. I was pretty sick of eating out all the time and gorging myself. I remember waking up one day and going; yep, I got fat.
    This may sound super lame, but I started eating smaller portions and worked out a little (like 4 times a month) and lost 15 pounds.
    I am now a skinny 158 and my wedding ring fits again!

  3. Lindsay, this is the part where you go, “You’re not fat sweetie! Your body is a wonderland” or something like that. Your message was way too much in agreement with my confession of fatness.

    Neal, I was just telling Lindsay that I need to eat smaller portions! The problem is that I’m hungry all the time. My stomach is my god. My whole like I’ve been so active that it has never been a problem… but not now. (You’re 158 pounds??? you look like a cage fighter).

  4. Bro, fix the TV don’t let her take that from you!!! there is nothing more motivating then to see yourself accomplish a number on the scale you’ve never reached before. I’m there right now, and got my arse kicked this morning by a personal trainer. Here’s to losing 30 pounds by this time next year!

  5. PW, oh don’t you worry, we’ll be fixing the TV!!! And I don’t need a personal trainer. I just need to stop eating fast food sixty-four times a week. I’m gonna start packing a PB&J or something…

    And BW, I can hear your roaring laughter in my ears and I type this. It don’t phase me, shooooooot.

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