50,000 pairs in 50 days

50000 Pairs

It is estimated that Americans have 1.5 billion pairs of unworn shoes lying around in their closets while over 300 million children around the world have never owned a pair. An organization called Soles4Souls is giving people a way to provide shoes for 50,000 children over the next 50 days.

They’re using bloggers. Today there are about 150 bloggers (at last count) that are advertising the campaign, as well as purchasing some shoes! For only $5 we can buy two pairs of shoes- that’s all it costs to create and deliver two pairs of shoes!

All it takes is a few clicks and you’ve made a huge difference. Head over to the 50,000 Shoes website and find out more!

I’ll be asking my youth group to jump on board too.

ht: kudos to Anne Jackson for rallying the troops!

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