gracious defeat

Being on the “One Hit Oneders” softball team has allowed me to practice a lost art form: losing graciously. We’ve been on the losing end of our first four competitions… We have the most fans, the coolest uniforms, the best attitudes, and even a ton of talent- but we lose every game. But we lose well. We don’t kick, scream, moan, make excuses, trash-talk, criticize, whine, get emotional, or any of that.

Kudos to John McCain for losing like an Oneder. His concession speech was remarkable.

No kudos to the whiners, kickers, screamers, moaners, criticizers, trash-talkers, and doomsday’ers who are littering the internet with their emotion-fueled rantings.

Just to clarify: Obama isn’t Satan. Satan is Satan.

And he didn’t win because he’s black. He won because more people voted for him than McCain. (The same can’t be said for Bush, by the way. Just thought I’d throw that in there).

But I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so I’ll hit Publish and go to sleep feeling vented 🙂

Still pleding my allegiance to Jesus alone,

One thought on “gracious defeat”

  1. there was a moment last night when scrolling through facebook status updates that made my stomach churn and my heart pretty sad. i would hope the gift of, “OUR VOICE” would speak with greater grace.

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