evangelicals and sex

The New Yorker posted a four-page article this week about the impact of religious belief on sexual behavior. Check out this paragraph from the article:

Even more important than religious conviction, Regnerus argues, is how “embedded” a teenager is in a network of friends, family, and institutions that reinforce his or her goals of delaying sex, and that offer a plausible alternative to America’s sexed-up consumer culture. A church, of course, isn’t the only way to provide a cohesive sense of community. Close-knit families make a difference. Teenagers who live with both biological parents are more likely to be virgins than those who do not. And adolescents who say that their families understand them, pay attention to their concerns, and have fun with them are more likely to delay intercourse, regardless of religiosity.

I think that this is true about a whole lot more than our sexual behavior. Lone Rangers don’t make it very far.

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