culture shock

I am loving Calvary… but I can’t even begin to describe the culture shock I’m experiencing being on staff here. It is just completely different, in almost every way.

We spend money differently, we do meetings differently, we evangelize, disciple and do life together differently. We get really excited about things that would never even hit the radar at Cornerstone. We have a completely different worship style in one service, with completely different people. We make changes differently. We schedule events differently.

The list seriously goes on and on.

It’s a lot of fun… stressful at times as I adjust, but still a lot of fun.

I’m going to be a pretty well rounded pastor in a few years.

Or schizophrenic.

6 thoughts on “culture shock”

  1. You have no Idea! Try going from Calvary to a 300 member Baptist Church… God has taught me so much, It’s an adventure I wouldn’t wish on many people, but one I wouldn’t ever give up.

  2. It’s hard not to find yourself in comparison mode when you make a big change, isn’t it? But I suppose it’s inevitable in any transition.
    I’ve been very aware of the differences from my new church. so many things are just a new context and then some are better or healthier, more organized or more well led… but all of it takes getting used to.

  3. Oh it’s impossible not to compare, for better or for worse… but I think it’s a completely natural and healthy thing! –good to hear from ya Joe… you do know that you were the catalyst for all of this culture shifting right?

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