ministry on zero

Two youth pastor buddies of mine came up with a pretty brilliant idea last year- they wanted to give their youth ministry budget back to the church and do ministry on zero. The leadership thought it was a good idea, and so did the Arizona Republic Newspaper.

Check out the story.

I probably shouldn’t post this story… I don’t want my boss to like the idea!

3 thoughts on “ministry on zero”

  1. As the boss overseeing your budget, you shouldn’t have posted the article… just kidding. I think the bigger issue than how much the budget is or who pays for what is the stewardship lessons those students are learning. I think it would be awesome to challenge our high school kids to be less OC consumer oriented and give back to the church and support missions projects as well. The offering that does come from the high school group right now wouldn’t pay for the photocopies. We’ve seen them step up in the past when they are challenged and be real creative (their tsunami relief project was amazing) and be examples to the rest of the body, maybe it is time for another challenge!

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