hell house

Unfortunately, I think that 99% of my blog readers are Christians. That’s unfortunate because I can’t write about how horribly horrible that this movie is without talking to Christians. I need non-Christians to hear this.

This movie made me not want to be a Christian any more, but only because I get painted with the same brush as these goobers.

I’m not sure I’m going to make it as a Christian… I’m so much more interested in Jesus than any of this nonsense.  I love Jesus, but I just don’t like a bunch of the people who claim his name.

One thought on “hell house”

  1. I honestly don’t think I could sit through this flick. I only watched the little previews on the website and my stomach is turning. I didn’t see anything redeeming about any of what I saw. Is it wrong to pretend that some members of your own family don’t even exist?

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