on my face

A few years ago I skateboarded out onto the patio of my church as all of our students were arriving for the Wednesday night gathering. As soon as my 6’3″ awkward body came into full view of everyone my skateboard decided to remove itself from underneath me. It was like someone had tied it to a plane that was taking off… and I was AIRBORNE! I came crashing down in front of everyone, and played it off by laughing as hard as I could and them stumbling away.

Last night I was walking towards a group of students, separated only by a two-foot wall. They saw me coming, and watched as I started to hop over the itty-bitty wall. But my right foot didn’t quite make it… instead, my toe caught, which sent me spinning forward, crashing my shin into the aforementioned wall, giving the inertia of my tumbling body enough of a boost to send me into a complete cartwheel. And I just laid there on my back, wondering if God hated me.

Two-foot tall wall… I have a huge lump on my shin, not to mention the emotional scars.

3 thoughts on “on my face”

  1. oohhh… I didn’t even hear. I am so sorry to hear that happened, sounds painful. I am relatively sure God doesn’t hate you, but maybe you should ask Him why he keeps wanting you humbled in front of those you minister to.

  2. I saw it happen and I’m pretty sure God does hate you. Why else would it have happened?

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