how many drafts do you have saved in your blog? sometimes i write these ranting manifestos of madness late at night, usually to just save them into the “drafts” category for no eyes to see but my own.

do you write things and delete them? do you have a hard time articulating what’s going on upstairs, or maybe a filter that just won’t let your thoughts come all the way through to the publish button?

do you tell everyone what you really think?

i usually don’t hit publish because i occasionally come to disagree with my own rantings… but isn’t that all a part of the process of maturing?

i need to be a better journaler…

9 thoughts on “drafts”

  1. Man, I think sometimes I get stuck before I even start typing a word. I sit, thinking… It’s probably because I haven’t quite formed an opinion on those things which I would want to write about. Kinda like you said – I think I’d probably just disagree with myself when I’m done so I don’t even start. Silly…

  2. yes and at the same time no.

    yes, i leave drafts.

    and no, i do not publish them… but for different reasoning. in one day i could think of 5 things to write about, but thats no fun to post five new ones in one day… so i save them for the day when i cant think of anything to write.

    id like to think that ill say anything in my blog. but probably not fully true.

    happy for you that you are reunited with your woman!

  3. I am completely inhibited when it comes to blogging! I wish I could write out every thought that goes through my head, and that the population that reads it would assume “positive intent” and have grace on me, but I am soooo not confident of that, so I blog about once every few weeks….keeping my deep thoughts deep inside.

  4. I know this may seem hard to believe, but I have a lot of drafts that I have saved that I haven’t posted because I know it will piss people off, or threaten my job security, or hurt peoples feelings that I know.

    Most of them are directed at you, Mr. Guard. Ha!

  5. I usually write those rants in my Moleskine Journal. 1.) Because no one will ever see them but me (unless it gets stolen or I die I guess) and 2.) It helps wear me out so that I can get tired, get stuff off my mind, and actually sleep.

    I’m still trying to find that voice for my blog…

  6. thanks for your comment. you really are a good Father. thank you for inspiring me to blog it up! i wish i had more ‘drafts’!!!

  7. PS – blog father…can you please move your blog to wordpress?! it’s just so much better!! trust me on this one. i had a blogger at one point.

  8. i have a WordPress already… i’m just waiting to unleash it when i get a sweet domain like yours. too bad some artist has my name locked down.

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