wasting time

One of my hugest pet peeves is wasting time. I’m not a fan of:


There is no greater waste of time than sleep. I understand the restorative effects, and I don’t care. I once heard someone say that God forces us to need sleep to reinforce that He is God and we are not. I would rather have the extra 24 years of life than a daily reminder of my utter dependence on Jesus. I’m reminded of that dependence about every five minutes when I’m awake!

Attending meetings that have nothing to do with me

Thankfully this hasn’t happened at Calvary yet. I become a whiny mess when I’m in a meeting about parking lots, Goldfish Cracker consumption in 3rd grade Sunday School classes, etc…

Youth ministry programs and events that add little or no value to students’ lives

I’m constantly questioning why we do what we do, whether that’s a weekly gathering or an event of some sort. This is only my third month at Calvary. and for the most part I have played the role of spectator/evaluator/hand shaker. To clarify, I’m definitely not saying that I feel like we’re wasting time at Calvary. Quite the opposite. I couldn’t wait to come and be a part of a church that prioritized that things that Calvary does! I’ve spent the past few months watching, critiquing, brainstorming, daydreaming, and praying for our youth group. I feel like God is bringing a new vision to life on our team. There’s such a discontentment among the students and staff for anything that is stale, repetitive, predictable, or sacred in the cow sense. I really do love the elements we currently have in place (Sundays, Wednesdays, activities, etc…). Matt Doan has done a phenomenal job over the past nine years, and I’m never going to live up to his comparisons! But I’m excited to keep questioning our priorities, clarifying our goals, adjusting our approaches, and doing all of that in a place that hates to waste time to!

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