I’m spending the next couple of weeks planning/finalizing the calendar for the 08/09 school year! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders this year. I finally get to be in a place that cares about the things I care about, and embraces the style and philosophy of ministry that I do. I was getting tired of striving for goals that weren’t my goals, and feeling like my pink slip was right around the corner if I missed my mark (little did I know that it WAS, haha, heh, eh…).

I get so frustrated with routines, pointless programs, and sacred cows. Thank God that the leadership at Calvary does too! I’m excited for this new school year. And I’m especially excited to have such a fantastic team at my side to tackle it with!

Feel free to chime in if there’s anything you’d like to add to the planning conversation! What needs to come back? What needs to go away?

4 thoughts on “planning”

  1. The announcement monkey.

    When I was a freshman in the high school group they announced that announcements would be read by the “Announcement Monkey” and Ryan Slack, the intern, wore a monkey tail tucked into the belt of his pants, went on stage and read the announcements off of a piece of paper, interspersing a softly spoken, “Oo, oo” between the disparate announcements.

    Bring back the announcement monkey and you will enter into the kingdom of God and the Lord Himself will say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And you will reply, “I am an unprofitable servant. I have done only what was my duty to do. I brought back the announcement monkey.”

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