back from Boracay

Just got back from spending two weeks in Boracay with 16 students and 3 leaders. We partnered up with a local church in the community that is building a four-story community center (which should really just be called a church). The center will open up as a school, hospital, dental office, and church! We were able to put in the second floor, after tying a thousand pieces of rebar together, and pouring a few tons of concrete! My students did a fantastic job in less than ideal weather conditions. We also got to spend some
time visiting children in local neighborhoods- singing some songs, sharing some food, laughing a ton, and even playing a few games of basketball!

I have never sweated as much as I did over the past two weeks, which is saying a LOT. Right now it is 7pm here in California, but 10am tomorrow morning in my head… so I’m all messed up. I’m so grateful that I got to play a part in constructing this building, which will open the door to SO MUCH ministry in a year or two when they open it up! There is just nothing like this community center on the island, but there is so much need.

The people of Boracay were wonderful. They made us feel like celebrities, and they were so grateful for everything! I feel like they blessed us more than we blessed them.

3 thoughts on “back from Boracay”

  1. Hey, Ryan….You are Awesome and you are fast at blogging about your trip to Boracay!!!! I thought you’d be ‘like’ sleeping for 3 days to recover. You have helped us parents tremendously, to learn and document and see first hand what went on and how God used the team in Boracay! Especially for the student who came back with no pictures taken in his camera! (we anxiously await the “photo bucket” to come). God truly brought you to us at Calvary Church “for such a time as this” Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
    Judy Evans

  2. I just figured it out. I think Anthony taped this video. I heard his voice in the background. Always a behind-the-scenes kind-of guy. Gotta watch out for them!

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