debt vs. donation

What do you do when you have debt to pay, perhaps even high-interest debt, but you also know that people are starving to death each and every day? I’ve been trying to pay off some pretty significant debt for years now, and all the while I have been torn because I know that so many people are in desperate need around the world. In comparison to 95% of the world, I’m filthy rich. I haven’t missed a meal in a long, long time. And even when I did, the gap wasn’t very wide between meals.

But I have cable.
And I eat out all the time
And I go to coffee shops.
And I own a very nice car. Two actually.
I own a lot of clothes, even though it feels like I wear the same thing every other day.

I miss so many opportunities to help people. I have genuine desires and convictions- but I forget about them when I play the comparison game. I’m done with that.

It starts with the cable TV tomorrow. I’m going to send whatever money I used to spend on TV to Blood:Water Mission. I’ll miss ESPN and all of my sitcoms, but none of that crap matters.

7 thoughts on “debt vs. donation”

  1. come on now! That’s fantastic Ryan. I admire that action of faith. Simple pleasures for basic needs campaign! You rule dude. Miss you around my life.

  2. I miss you too BW, because you remind me that this life consists of more than our stuff and our status.

  3. I feel it coming on already… it is 12:42 and my “common sense” is saying that I should delete this blog. Well, to hell with my common sense.

  4. I guess this will force us to find some LOST friends!!! This morning I’m realizing that canceling my cable might actually COST me money- I signed up for a promo that gave me phone, internet and cable for less money than just having two (or maybe even one). Gotta check into it some more.

  5. Lost is network television so we can still watch that right? Hmm..sacrificing Lost for lives that are being lost…I love you babe.

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