go go go

This Sunday the high school ministry is loading up and heading to Hume Lake for summer camp. This will be my fifth or sixth time up at Hume, and it has always been an amazing experience. I hear that the feel is different this year. It will be a bit more analytical than emotional, which I think will be a nice break. The kids have started to anticipate the BIG nights (salvation messages, re-dedications and whatnot). Anything that keeps them guessing is a good thing.

Then I’m back home for a week before I lead a mission trip with 20 peeps to Boracay. We’ll be there July 31st-August 13th helping to build the 2nd floor (of a soon-to-be 4 story building) that will serve as a hospital/school where people can receive free medical treatment and an education. This is what St. Francis had in mind when he said we can preach the gospel without saying a thing. It’s not the whole gospel, but meeting these physical needs is gospel.

THEN I’m back for like four days before I head to our high school ministry’s annual RIVER ROMP. We’re spending four days at a lake (irony), and I hear that it is an amazing, amazing week. Why we planned three big trips this close together, me don’t know. But I’m excited πŸ™‚

After that I’m taking six months off to recover on a tropical island with Lindsay. All we need is plane tickets and an island, some spending money, and a little bit of vacation time. Anyone wanna make a donation?

2 thoughts on “go go go”

  1. Remember

    and maybe you’ll be lucky and get to…
    don’t wanna give anything away πŸ™‚

    oh, and watch the sunrise!

    And take a bike ride up the north side of the high way for about 20 minutes, and you’ll get to a bend where you can see Hume and mountain which the sunrise is over, and then on the way down you don’t have to pedal ONCE! It’s all downhill and you go 80+ MPH.

    High adventure is fun every year.

    And make sure you give your kids the opportunity to get a free smoothie if they can find bible verses fast enough..

    and tell them about that bible verse where God sends the bear to maul a guy.

    and tell them about what you use Lindsay’s wipees for.

    If you get redwood make sure you do the ‘pull wood from underneath the mattress on anyone sleeping on the second bunk’ prank.

    Ohh Hume…

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