come on down!

I’m going to try to convince my AMAZING boss Eric that he should take the staff to The Price is Right for the next “day away”. They film the show nearby and I REALLY want to go!

I played this game from my couch almost every day when I was jobless… I had a nice little routine involving the show, some coffee, my laptop, and some Honey Bunches of Oats. I almost ALWAYS do better than the people on the show, and I’m pretty sure I could spin that wheel right to the $1 every time.

I have a feeling that I’d get picked to be a bidder. I’m just kind of lucky like that. I hear that if you bring a crowd of 20+ they try to get at least one of you up there.

If Eric doesn’t want to plan it, do YOU wanna go with me and Linds?

10 thoughts on “come on down!”

  1. and if you have a group of 20+ i actually thought it was 25, regardless… then you dont have to wait all day in the lame hot sun. but yes you get one person from the group on. we went with a group of 8… no luck. it was fun, but a long day.

  2. that’s only if you don’t get picked. But I plan on getting picked, so…

  3. Tons of fun — You should totally go for it! My only warning is that if you win BIG, the taxes you have to pay are absurd. I had a friend win the showcase when were were in college and the taxes hurt her single/student income pretty bad.

  4. That’s why I will be donating everything I win to charity (right after I pay off my student loans). haha!

  5. guard,

    wurzell’s buddy won a geo metro on the show. i can see you in a metro…if you can go, go. it’s worth it.

  6. haha! My Mazda looks like a Metro with nicer paint. I could see you in a Volkswagen Bus, maybe with Sarah and Emerson in the back doing a finger painting together.

  7. Hey Ryan! Dean and I were on the Price is Right…go on our blog and look back in April. He dressed up like Drew Carrey and was actually “called out as his look-a-like” by Drew himself and the producers! We really had fun with it! However, the long lines and full day is just that LONG! You and Lindsey should go and have fun with it!

  8. Have fun buddy!! It honestly sounds like torture to me. We could do our solo times while waiting in line????

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