I told my students that I’d send em to summer camp at Hume Lake for free in 2009 if they memorize Colossians by the time we leave ( a $500+ value). This is the second time I’ve offered this. I feel a little guilty for asking them to do something I haven’t done myself. I was at a conference a few years back when Louie Gig challenged 15,000 people to memorize it. I wonder how many of them did it. I wonder if I could do it.

p.s. Giveaways like this are simple, and you don’t have to sell your soul to make it happen. You just add a couple bucks to the cost for the other students. If they complain about the two bucks, tell them it’s sort of like tithing. If they complain about tithing, tell them they don’t love Jesus. If they complain about you saying that, well, that makes sense because you shouldn’t have said that.

2 thoughts on “colossians”

  1. don’t you blog star me! 🙂 you started all this blog business. i’m finally catching up to you. dude, i need your IM or MSN Messenger too. email me

    i think you should think about giving away like an XBox or Nintendo (hahaha) to the person that brings the most friends for the next 4 weeks. try it out, i’m telling you it works bro. just try it.


  2. Stop saying things trying to lure me into badmouthing Cornerstone. I won’t do it.

    Who won the “read your bible” car?

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