Forgive me.

Is this a pointless prayer? Do you need to ask for forgiveness even when you already have it?

I said something in passing in my talk on Sunday that might have confused some of my students. I thought I was clear, but I got some feedback that has me wondering. I said that as a Christian, it doesn’t make any sense to pray for forgiveness- Giglio said something very similar at a PDYM conference a handful of years ago. But do you agree?

8 thoughts on “Forgive me.”

  1. no prayer is pointless. sure, God knows what we’re going to ask for before we even dream of it, &in that sense i agree with giglio, but it’s the telling Him, the asking for something that you that only He can give you, that counts. our walk with God is a relationship, &you can’t have a very good relationship with anyone at all if there is no conversation.

  2. Well I think that after you’ve accepted Christ into your life for the first time he has forgiven you past and future. I think the prayers after the initial sin-forgiver should be changed from “forgive me this time, again” to “thank you for your infinite forgiveness” and so and so.

  3. I agree with your original point Ryan. I also got in trouble at my last church for saying “As a Christian, asking or forgiveness is like asking Christ to climb back up on the cross all over again.”
    When we sin, our sin is our problem. God has forgiven us from all sin but confessing it is the way we put it behind us and move forward in the newness Christ has accomplished for us.

  4. all of you have said some great things! Nick that’s a gruesome illustration, no wonder they fired you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. There may need to be an explanation about forgiveness and repentance. Yes, we already have forgiveness but we do still sin and have a responsibility to repent from our sinfulness knowing that we are already forgiven and have the freedom to go ahead and make things right. Chris was right in saying we need to thank God for the forgiveness already extended to us. If we have to keep going back and asking for it every time we sin, then I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few. What then?

  6. looks like this question ruffled some feathers in my flock. I’ll be re-addressing it from the stage on Sunday. I LOVE when people actually care enough to ask questions! I don’t love when I’m so vague that I confuse everyone!

    Goal #1: not to call any prayers “stupid”.

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